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Cable Groups

Diversity for Strict Requirements

ALMI offers a broad high-quality range of special cables for industrial applications. A century of experience in various industrial processes is expressed today in special product functions that are individually tailored to the place of application.

All ALMI products are reliable quality products. They are constantly developed in close collaboration with maintenance experts in compliance with our customers’ requirements.

Energy, control and connecting servo cables

Flexible, very good EMC properties, also suitable for frequency converters, also in temperature-resistant design

Welding cables

Extremely notch-resistant and abrasion-resistant, highly flexible

Cables for lifting, conveyor and crane equipment, spiral cables, robot cables, torsion cables

for maximum dynamic charges, withstand torsion charge

Track cables

Mechanically durable, good tensile strength, small bending radii, long-term flexibility up to +180°C

Robot cables

Mechanically durable, good tensile strength, small bending radii, long-term flexibility up to +180°C, robust against strong accelerations and delays, buckling and torsion, tensile loading, high bending transition cycles, external influences such as high temperatures, beads of sweat, oil and chemicals, MARO for tools as well as mobile and stationary testing and diagnostic devices.

Spiral cables

High quality and a long lifecycle with exceptional recovery

Temperature-resistant and cold-resistant cables

Long-term temperature resistance from -190°C to +260°C, short-term resistance up to +1.565°C

High-temperature cables

Long-term temperature resistance up to +1,200°C, short-term up to +1.565°C, HIGHFLAME 350 / 450 / 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200, exclusively for fixed installation in dry spaces

Chemical-resistant and temperature-resistant cables

UV-resistant, oil-resistant and chemical-resistant, also suitable for food and drinking water, long-term temperature resistance of -190°C to +260°C

Data, network and bus cables, high-performance coaxial, triaxial and high-frequency cables for telecommunication

For static and dynamic use

Compensating and thermal cables

Various temperature ranges from +70°C to +1,565°C depending on insulating material

Cold-resistant cables

Can be used up to -190°C (max. -273°C)

Oil-resistant cables

Extremely robust in static and dynamic use


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