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HIFP Profibus-Therm

HIFP cables can be used universally thanks to their resistance to high temperatures, aggressive chemicals, fuel and solvents as well as UV radiation. They are silicone-free. HIFP cables are also suitable for dynamic stress and critical application conditions. They boast a robust, temperature-resistant outer coating.

HIFP cables guarantee a long lifecycle, so cause fewer unplanned downtimes.



Heat & Cold Factor

Cold-resistant & temperature-resistant-50° C to +180° C

Flexibility Factor

FlexibleConditionally suitable
Cable trolleyNot specified
Cable trackNot specified
SpreaderNot specified
TorsionNot specified
ReelableNot specified
RobotNot specified

Resistance Factor

Chemicals, solventsVery suitable
Oils, fatsVery suitable
UV, ozone, weatherVery suitable
Abrasion-resistantVery suitable

Typical Applications

Bus cables in production line control and control centers, pharmaceutical and medical technology, steel industry, MSR cables near heat zones

The product description reflects the general Alfred Michels GmbH & Co. KG product range. Further custom productions are possible: depending on the design (wire count x cross section), various applications are available ex warehouse, new productions from 100m.

Possible applications should be clarified on a case-by-case basis. Just get in touch. We’d be happy to advise you.


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