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Accessibility and operation in times of Corona

Our business continues. We are here for you!
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ALMI Alfred Michels GmbH & Co. KG

For almost 100 years, ALMI has seen itself as a service provider for special cable applications and heat protection applications for challenging industrial processes and individual requirements.

24-hour service and a Germany-wide sales network guarantee personal availability – wherever you need advice or service.



Our Products

The choice of suitable cables and protective equipment always has a long-term impact on the life expectancy of machine technology.

ALMI cables aren’t just extremely temperature-resistant: they can also stand up to aggressive media, staying highly flexible and highly mechanically durable.

We constantly develop our range of cables in partnership with our users.

Of course, we also offer you the right accessories to complement our cables and insulation products.

Range of cables

Insulating Technology / Heat Protection


Accessibility and operation in times of Corona

The current situation in connection with the corona virus represents an extraordinary challenge for all of us. At ALMI, we have taken all the necessary measures to provide the best possible protection for our employees and customers and to slow down the further spread of the Covid 19 virus. We are still here for you!…

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PA pipe spirals

The impressive properties of our spiral PREXTHAN cables can be further optimized with ALMI PA pipes. Furthermore, the PA pipes also allow non-turning cables to spiral. To this end, the cable is simply fed into the PA pipe and turned. The result is a spiral that not only offers increased stability but also improved reset…

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