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HIGHFLAME Cables and Wires – Diversity of the Newest Generation up to +1,565°C

ALMI HIGHFLAME is the generation of fire-resistant and flameproof cables especially designed for use in extremely high temperatures.

The areas of application are many, and span the steel, aluminum and glass industries.

  • Energy, control and data cables
  • Ignition cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Compensating and thermal cables, resistance thermometers
  • Safety applications

HIGHFLAME cables stand out due to:

  • Good resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals
  • Low installation and maintenance costs (cable channels not strictly necessary)
  • Improved function retention – up to 5 times longer lifecycle than standard temperature-resistant cables
  • Improved fire performance
  • Fire-resistant – 120 minutes up to 830°C

Highest temperature: short-term up to +1,565°C
Constant operating temperature: +260°C / +400°C
+260°C is the constant temperature for the coating. Above this temperature, the cable will still be able to function electronically.
Nominal voltage: 0.6/1.0kV and 0.7/1.2kV
Test voltage (impulse test): 2500 V AC

Permits and approvals

Fire-resistant in compliance with IEC 60331-31 – flames at +830°C for 120 mins with mechanical shock impact
Fire-resistant in compliance with IEC 60331-21 – flames at +750°C for 90 mins
Flame-retardant in compliance with IEC 60332-3-24 Cat C – flame propagation
Fire-resistant in compliance with BS 6387:1994 – W clause 11.2 – flames at 650°C and spray impact

When constantly exposed to high temperatures, standard cables fail as the plasticizer contained in the insulation quickly dries out. Service lives are therefore short, and cables have to be replaced frequently.

Our HIGHFLAME cables exceed the service life of other cables by a wide margin. This means you can make a considerable cost saving

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